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All the Benefits of Linguru

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High-Quality Online Classes

Interactive Live Online classroom Small groups of max. 8 Consistent group and teacher throughout the course-month

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Exceptional Teaching

Qualified native speaking teachers, Encouraging teaching methods Based on the CEFR

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
The CEFR differentiates between six proficiency levels (A1-C2) and outlines what learners can express and understand at each level.

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Free Learning Support

Free live online workshops Shared course cloud Growing amount of self-study materials

Money back guarantee

Quality & satisfaction guarantee 100% refund if not satisfied Class cancellation possible at any time

All beginnings are difficult? – Not with Linguru!

Have you only just arrived in Germany or are planning to come to Germany? Then our Linguru German Beginners’ Course is the perfect opportunity to make the first steps in the German language!

Especially the first few days in a new country can be challenging – especially if you don’t yet speak the local language. Suddenly the simplest everyday activities like grocery shopping or using public transport are a real adventure. Asking other people for help or starting a conversation with them can be unexpectedly difficult.

But fear not: The Linguru German Beginners’ Course helps you turn your start in Germany into a success, right from the beginning! Here, you will learn many useful words for your everyday life in Germany as well as the basic grammar structures – within a short period of time you will learn how to form sentences, ask questions and how to have simple conversations in your German Beginners’ Course. Meeting nice people, asking for directions, and getting to know your new German speaking environment – our Linguru German Beginners’ Course makes it possible!

Your course takes place live in a virtual classroom with one of our teachers from Germany. This way, you will learn authentic communication and the correct pronunciation of the German words with a native speaker from the very first lesson on.

All our courses align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can be sure to learn all the necessary content in your German Beginners’ Course which you would need for an official language exam. Look forward to learning the basics like the alphabet and the numbers in German. But that is not the end of it: After only a few lessons in your German Beginners’ Course you can already talk about your family, your job and your hobbies; you can find your way in public transport, do your grocery shopping in German and order in a restaurant! In the German Beginners’ Course your Linguru teacher will teach you how to conjugate verbs, why we have grammatical cases in German and how you can talk about past events. You see: There are many exciting topics waiting for you in the German Beginners’ Course!

A digital course book will support you in your learning process which you can download with only a few clicks. Here you can find lists of vocabulary, grammar explanations and many interactive exercises. Of course, your Linguru teacher is happy to help in word and deed during your German Beginners’ Course. As an experienced teacher he or she will use the latest teaching methods and is versed in responding to the strengths, weaknesses, and questions of every single participant. The focus of your German Beginners’ Course is communication – from the very beginning, you will practise speaking in dialogues in partner or group exercises to put the theory into practise. You will notice very quickly that after only a few lessons, you will already be able to have small conversations!

There are many good reasons for a German Beginners’ Course with Linguru:

Experienced Teacher

The Linguru teachers are native speakers who come to your home in a virtual classroom, live from Germany. The lessons in our German Beginners’ Course are interactive and focus on communication – we teach German for the real world! Many dynamic exercises and exciting topics are waiting for you in your German Beginners’ Course.

Virtual Classroom

After your registration we will send you a link to your German Beginners’ Course. You can log in with just one click! It is here in the virtual classroom where you will meet your Linguru teacher and your classmates. With live lessons, an interactive whiteboard and special rooms for partner and group work, there is nothing left standing in the way of successful learning!

Digital coursebook and Linguru library

The digital coursebook is a perfect guide to your German Beginners’ Course. The course book uncovers the secrets of the German language chapter by chapter; in the workbook you will find many additional exercises to self-study.
The Linguru library is also available to you: It is here where you can find other interesting course material to your German Beginners’ Course and where you can catch up on your homework.

Different Course Formats for the German Beginners’ Course

The Linguru Intensive Course is the perfect format for everyone who wants to learn German quickly. With four days of class per week and 60 lesson units per course, you will be a German pro in no time! The beginner level A1 is divided into the two courses A1.1 and A1.2. After only two months you will have already mastered the basics of the German language!

For everyone with a full schedule, our semi-intensive German course is the right format. Here, you have class on two days per week for 90 minutes on each day. The first part of the level is A1.1, followed by the course A1.1+ for which you already need some prior knowledge. On it goes with A1.2 and then A1.2+ - then you are already done with the level and can get started with A2!

You can find out more about the progression and duration of our Linguru courses here.

Free Certificate

After you have successfully completed your German Beginners’ Course, you will receive a certificate confirming your language level – free of charge!

Exciting additional offers

Do you love grammar, or do you want to repeat a certain topic? Addditional to our German Beginners’ Course, Linguru regularly offers exciting grammar workshops. The list with topics, dates and prices is available here!

All starting dates of the German Beginners’ Course are available in our schedule. Simply choose the course that suits you best and register. We look forward to meeting you!

The advantages of a German Beginners’ Course at a glance:

  • Teachers from Germany
  • Perfect introduction to the German Language
  • Practical and focused on communication
  • Certificate free of charge
  • Exciting additional offers