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All the Benefits of Linguru

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High-Quality Online Classes

Interactive Live Online classroom Small groups of max. 8 Consistent group and teacher throughout the course-month

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Exceptional Teaching

Qualified native speaking teachers, Encouraging teaching methods Based on the CEFR

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
The CEFR differentiates between six proficiency levels (A1-C2) and outlines what learners can express and understand at each level.

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Free Learning Support

Free live online workshops Shared course cloud Growing amount of self-study materials

Money back guarantee

Quality & satisfaction guarantee 100% refund if not satisfied Class cancellation possible at any time

The Course Level

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

One class hour equals 45 minutes.
In the Intensive Course one level (e.g. A1.1) takes one month to complete.

Level A - Basic user

A1.1 80 Hours
A1.2 80 Hours
A2.1 80 Hours
A2.2 80 Hours

Level B - Independent user

B1.1 80 Hours
B1.2 80 Hours
B2.1 80 Hours
B2.2 80 Hours

Level C - Proficient user

C1.1 80 Hours
C1.2 80 Hours
C2.1 80 Hours
C2.2 80 Hours

The suitable language level can be determined by our short language test during the booking process

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Our German Intensive Course – fast progression in short time

The Linguru German Intensive Course Online makes a German expert out of you in no time. You can complete a level up to B1 according to the CEFR in only a month with our live online lessons – only the advanced levels of B2 and C1 take slightly longer in the German intensive course online.

The great advantage when you learn German intensive online is of course that it offers you incredible flexibility: You can log in to your German intensive course online at specific times from everywhere and anywhere, no matter where you are. From you living room, your balcony, from a library or your favourite café – with just one click you gain access to your German intensive course online.

Your German intensive course online usually lasts for four weeks and takes place from Monday to Thursday. We offer different time slots for your German Intensive course online – this way you can choose which course suits you best and which German intensive course online fits best into your schedule. As soon as you decided which German intensive course online you want to take, all you have to do is log in on your course days at the specific course times – just like your classmates. Your course group will stay the same during the entire German intensive course online and the same goes for your teacher: He or she will also accompany you during the entire course month and assist you when you learn German intensive online.

Continuity in the virtual classroom is very important to us and we are convinced that it contributes to your success when you learn German intensive online! Together with your classmates and supported by your Linguru teacher you will learn the 101 of the German grammar, and discover many new useful vocabulary when you learn German intensive online. We at Linguru value equilibrium: This is why well-founded grammar explanations and interactive exercises balance each other when you learn German intensive online – in your German intensive course online you get both!

To learn German intensive online should be as effective as possible – this is why your Linguru course focuses on topics that you need in the real world: How do you make an appointment? How do you talk about your hobbies and ask other people about theirs? Asking such questions is already part of your beginner courses so that you are well prepared for conversations in the real world, even from the very start of learning German. The more advanced your German becomes, the more diversified are your skills to handle different situations thanks to your German intensive course online: In our advanced online courses of B2 and C1 we often discuss interesting topics and exchange our opinions in the German intensive course online. Such discussions and [advanced] writing exercises in your German intensive course online help prepare you for talking to your fellow students at a German university, or your German speaking colleagues at work.
Thanks to our approach that each Linguru German intensive course online should be dynamic and interactive, it always stays interesting to learn German intensive online.

If you are especially interested in a certain topic and would like to discuss it in your German intensive course online, just let your Linguru teacher know! During your lessons you are very welcome to ask questions or use the support of your teacher or your fellow classmates.

The digital textbook is an ideal companion for your German intensive course online – you can use it to learn German intensive online and to follow your course. Another advantage of the digital textbook is that you can access it with only a few clicks. It only takes a few minutes to download it for your German Intensive course online – and saves you the time to go to the bookstore or wait for it to be delivered to your house.
Your Linguru teacher also uses the book in class so that you can discover the content together when you learn German intensive online.

Working together with your classmates in the German intensive course online gives you the opportunity to from friendships with people from all over the world. If you want to stay in touch with them after your lesson, you can easily do so in our Linguru community! Here you can talk to other participants of your German intensive course online, you can exchange advice on how to learn German intensive online and think about exciting things to do in Germany.

You get 60 lesson units in the German intensive course online – it’s not called intensive course for no reason! With this amount of lesson units, you have opportunities galore to practise and improve your newly gained knowledge in the German intensive course online. At the end of your German intensive course online you receive a certificate documenting your progression – completely free of charge!

Another great feature of Linguru is our additional learning platform which supports you when you learn German intensive online. We offer a wide range of additional material which you can use to expand your skills in grammar and vocabulary when you learn German intensive online. This feature makes your experience to learn German intensive online even more individual – the Linguru platform is always accessible, no matter when and from where you log in. This flexible way to structure your German intensive course online makes you the director of your own progression!

Get started now and realise your dream to lean German intensive online!

The Linguru German intensive course online
– all advantages at a glance:

  • learn German intensive online in a virtual classroom
  • live lessons with teachers from Germany
  • learn fast and efficiently: You can complete a level in only a month!
  • different course times – find the one that suits you best!
  • Linguru learning platform with additional exercises and language tests


  • Who is the Intensive Course suitable for?
  • The Linguru intensive course is for everyone whose main focus is learning German. With this course you will make rapid progress and reach your goal in no time. The format leaves plenty of time for questions as well as additional exercises and group work. For an even more intensive learning experience, we recommend booking our conversation course in addition to the intensive course, so that you can apply and consolidate the content you’ve learnt within conversations. You can find more information about the conversation course here.
  • What is special about learning German with Linguru?
  • Linguru helps you take your German to the next level. Linguru offers you live online lessons with experienced German teachers as well as a unique learning platform with access to many other useful services to support your progress in the best possible way. In the live online courses you will learn in small groups, typically consisting of 6-8 participants (max. 10), ensuring an engaging atmosphere. In between sessions, the Linguru Learning Platform offers you the opportunity to continue developing your skills through interactive tests and additional material, a variety of free workshops and much more. Furthermore, Linguru can act as a bridge to Germany. Regardless of whether you require assistance with a visa, moving to Germany or studying in Germany – Linguru will help you. To find out more about our Bridge to Germany services, click here
  • What is Linguru’s teaching method?
  • At Linguru, live German lessons are varied, interactive and engaging. The live courses at Linguru follow a clear structure and cover all the topics you need to successfully learn the German language. At the same time, you will be given plenty of opportunities to discuss your own topics and questions in order to tailor the lessons to your needs. The digital course book and exercise book (purchased separately) will be the focus of your sessions, but your teacher will also prepare additional interactive exercises, videos, games and discussions to consolidate content learned and keep the lessons varied and engaging.
  • How do I choose the right course level for me?
  • If you are unsure about the level of your German language skills, take the Linguru placement test here.
  • What are the technical requirements?
  • To use the Linguru Learning Platform and live lessons you will need the following:
    • Desktop, computer, laptop or tablet for live online lessons
    • Desktop, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone for using the learning platform
    • Webcam
    • Microphone
    • An up-to-date browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).
    You do not need to install any additional software
  • Can I book a free trial lesson?
  • Booking with Linguru is completely risk-free. If, unexpectedly, you are not completely convinced by Linguru after the first lesson, you will be reimbursed 100% of the course costs.